Dota 6.77 AI Map Download - DotA 6.77 Map AI (Unofficial)

Dota 6.77 AI Map Download - DotA 6.77 Map AI (Unofficial).The DotA 6.77 has just came out today, and even though it is un-official map, the brand new DotA 6.77 AI also released. This map came from the creator of the previous unofficial DotA 6.76 AI map. Check out!!

DotA 6.77 AI v1.1.5 Download:-
DotA 6.77 AI v1.1.5

DotA 6.77 AI Status:-
Good news, people. Next week i`ll be available to start porting the 6.77 map.
We will also try to collaborate with AsukaHost (PD) so we can do things much faster in the future.
Expect more news!
So it has the same bug as the previous map. But i think it's still better than nothing right? Enjoy
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