Official DotA 6.78 Download - Dota 6.78 Map Download (Released)

DotA 6.78 is now officially unleashed by the developer IceFrog. The v6.78 adds 2 new heroes, Oracle and Earth Spirit to the Sentinel pool and brings tons of balance/nerfs to heroes such as Phantom Lancer, Lone Druid and Necrolyte. Aghanim Scepter is now supported by 3 more heroes. Also, Items and gameplay mechanics are significantly changed.

DotA 6.78 Map Download:-

DotA v6.78.w3x (7.88 MB)
DotA v6.78.w3x (Opendrive)
Download the map file (with .w3x extension) and place it in (Warcraft III\Maps\Download) directory. You must have Warcraft 3 TFT v1.24e or above to play this map.
Kaolin Earth Spirit

Nerif The Oracle

Warkey++ 6.8
DotA 6.78c 6v6 Map
DotA 6.78c Map (Released)
Garena Total (Auto Joiner) New
DotA 6.78b 6v6 Map
DotA 6.78 6v6 Map             
Kaolin, The Earth Spirit
Nerif, The Oracle
DoTA 6.77c LoD v1b  
DotA 6.77c Offcial Released
Free Dota2 Steam Invite
DotA 6.77b AI v1.4 Map 
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