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AucT Hotkeys Tool is yet another hotkey remapping program for Warcraft 3 Dota. It is bundled with a lot of advanced features that you will not find in other programs. It comes with built-in Autocast, Invoker, Scoreboard, Skill hotkeys (without editing CustomKeys.txt) and dozens of in-game configurations for easy management.

AucT Hotkey Tool Feautres:

Inventory Tools - You can set your inventory to any key you want including Mouse buttons.

Skill Keys - Set hero spells to your desired keys, it clicks the spell when you press hotkey (comes handy when you're playing DotA LoD).

Autocast - Enables/disables autocast of spells (Frost Arrows, Searing Arrows, Surge) upon key press.

DotakeysInventory keysDota Autocast

Messages - Send quick messages to allies or all. Good for saying miss/re/gg etc.

Invoker key bind - Let's you Invoke various spells by pressing a key.

Garena Auto Joiner - Upon activation, automatically joins the room after every 5 seconds (auto-clicker).
Invoker hotkeysQuick messages War3Wc3 hotkeys

User Profiles - Every user can create its own profile settings.

Macros support, Fix Warcraft 3 Registries (InstallPath), Change Resolutions, Set hotkeys for scoreboard, Windows mouse capture, Roshan notification, ignoring chat etc.

AucT Hotkey Tool (AHT) Download:-
AHT (mirror 1)

* Download the zip file, extract it to any folder. Run AHT v2.8c.exe

• You need to run this program as administrator if you are using Windows 8, 7 or Vista.
• This program does not interfere with in-game chat.
• You need to Reload hotkeys every time you make any changes.
• All credits goes to AucT for this program.
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