Official Tournament Map DotA 6.76b Download

DotA 6.76b map is promoted to the Official tournament map.This DotA 6.74c replaced the DotA 6.76b map with a lot of exciting new features and heroes in it. The change of stable map effects the strategies & game-play of competitive players and also brings a new taste to the game. The new additions in the stable maps also brings new energy to DotA and so far making it alive for about a decade. The current stable map is the most effort taking version because alot of bugs and errors were removed from this map. Now all the tournaments and leagues will shift on this map.

Official Tournament Map DotA 6.76b Download: 

DotA 6.76b Map (7.8mb) via GetDota
DotA 6.76b Map (7.8mb) via Opendrive

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