Official DotA 6.77c Download - Dota 6.77c Map Released (Official)

Official DotA 6.77c Download - Dota 6.77c Map (Released). Today, the map already available for download. IceFrog made several changes on the Tranquil Boots. On heroes, as predicted, Drow Ranger's Markmanship and Nerubian Assassin's Spiked Carapace are nerfed. Check out the changelogs and the download link below!

Dota 6.77c Download Link:-
Dota 6.77c Download - getdota
Dota 6.77c Download - opendrive

It's surprising that there are no bug fixes done in this update or may be IceFrog forgot to put them in the changelogs. Anyway, you can now play the balanced new map. Also, the new series v6.78 will be arriving soon

Warkey++ 6.8
DotA 6.78c Map (Released) 
Garena Total (Auto Joiner) New
DotA 6.78b Map (Released)
DotA 6.78 6v6 Map    
DotA 6.78
DoTA 6.77c LoD v1b  
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