Dota 2 Australian Servers Coming Soon!!!

Good news for all the Aussie players! Valve’s developer Milton Ngan has confirmed the availability of official Australian based servers for Dota 2. The equipment for the Dota 2 Servers has arrived, all they need is to install and configure them inside Valve’s data center. The Dota 2 AU servers will be up and running by January 2013.

Here’s a quote from Milton @ Dota 2 dev forums:
The equipment for our Australian (not Austrian) datacenter has just arrived in Sydney. It will be a few weeks to get this racked and configured. But we should be up and running by January 2013.

This is indeed a good news for Australian and New Zealand players. They will no longer suffer high continental ping and latency in Dota 2 matches. You will now be able to play and perform quick moves with your favorite heroes like Earthshaker, Puck and Geomancer.
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