Upcoming Concept Art of the Dota 2 Heroes

Great news for all you guys who wanna take a sneak peek on the upcoming Dota 2 heroes. Purge, who recently went into the Valve, has posted some concept art of the heroes that currently under development. Check out!

Skywrath Mage
I definitely prefer this concept art than the Warcraft 3 model. Looks like a divine angel and well deserved to hold the Skywrath Mage title.

Goblin Techies
 Well.. I would really love this concept art realized immediately into the game. It looks awesome!

 Legion Commander
 Meh~! Why he has to change into a women..

Elder Titan (Tauren Chieftain)
Even thought the name is different due to copyright issue, the concept art is pretty much the same with the Warcraft 3 DotA. Nothing special here.

 Abyssal Underlord (PitLord)
Love the third concept art. Is it just me or the second concept like a bug?

Love the mysterious and yet dark feeling from the model. Although it’s quite hard to forgot the Arthas image from Warcraft 3 Abaddon.

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