Leetgion Hellion Mouse

Hellion, inspired by the popular StarCraft II unit is fast, accurate and deadly. This professional gaming mouse packs a world first, true mechanical keyboard keyswitch. Use the in mouse memory to keep your custom settings and profiles on the go, and fully driver independent. Together with unmatched quality design and components, the Hellion is the best weapon for owning your opponents.

Avago9500 Sensor
In the heart of Hellion’s laser sensor engine sits the Avago9500 sensor. The Hellion’s laser sensor engine is capable of DPI ranges of 100 to 5000 DPI, and compatible to all surfaces. The Hellion moves both fast and accurate, perfect for all game types.

Dedicated Attack Key
Besides packing the Cherry MX Blue, the Hellion’s dedicated attack key has more tricks up it’s sleeve. Hidden behind the button is an aluminum plate, used to provide extra stability, and truly mimics the engineering of a mechanical keyboard. The Attack key is here to replace keyboard hotkeys with nothing but the best. Making “hit and run” or killing tactics smoother than ever.

Race Switch
Patent pending physical profile switch wheel, eliminates the need to rotate through multiple profiles. Turn to the exact profile you need, within the four fully programmable profiles. You’ll never lose track of which setting you are on.

Cherry Mx Blue Mechanical Switch
Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch packs unmatched durability of 50 million operations, distinct tactile feedback and superior control. No more soft and weak membrane key presses, on the Hellion its click and kill.

Omron Japan Micro Switch
The Omron Japan D2F-F Micro Switch has long been the top choice of custom mouse modders due to superior quality, durability and feel. The crème de la crop of mouse switches.

16.7 Million Colored LED Lightning
The multi color LED system not only displays the current profile or DPI setting. The internal LED lighting system provides 16.7 Million color combinations. Set any color you want for the 4 programmable profiles. Match the Hellion’s lighting theme to your team, faction or class, show your colors!

Leetgion Hellion Mouse Prices:-
Malaysian Price = 289Rm
Pakistan   Price = 9200Rs
Philippine Price = 3944 peso
US(United States) Price = 94$

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