The International 3 Tournament Prize Pools Finalized | DotA 2 International 3

Valve has updated the prize pool of The International 3 tournament and it turns out to be the biggest ever Winning prize money for an eSports competition. Total 16 teams from the globe will battle each other to be the crowned champion of TI3. The top 8 teams will be rewarded with hefty prize money and goodies from Valve including event sponsors. The massive prize pool will be distributed according to the ranking (list) below:

1st – $1,358,539 USD (Champion)
2nd – $597,757 USD (Runner Up)
3rd – $271,708 USD
4th  - $190,195 USD
5th – $108,683 USD
6th – $108,683 USD
7th – $40,756 USD
8th – $40,756 USD

The amount of prize pool is proportional to the amount of TI3 Interactive Compendium (in-game item) purchased by the Dota 2 fans. It has already reached 6 goals out of 7. If it reaches the 7th Goal, the Compendium owner will have authority to choose the next hero to be included in Dota 2.
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