Warkey++ 6.8 Now Available - Support Windows 8

Warkey++ will help you cover that! All that problem are solved with this awesome tool. What's even more, this version is now support Windows 8!

Let's check out their main feature! 

1. Numkeys Remapping
By default they are replacing Numkeys with [Alt] + [Q/W/E/A/S/D]
But personally, i like to replace it with Tab, Capslock, Shift and Ctrl key in the left area.
And the most awesome thing about this, it is automatically off when you are in chat mode. 

2. Quick Chat
You can bind and pre-configure your chat and easily call it with [Alt] + [1] or [Alt] + [2] and so on.

3. Skill Key Remapping and Macro
You can remap the skill key as you like. There's also a macro tool which can help you using heroes like Invoker. But personally, i would never use this feature because it will give you unfair advantage.

Warkey++ 6.8 Download 

How to Use
1. Download the file and save it wherever you like.
2. Open the Warkey and you will see small icon in your right tray.
3. Configure the Warkey and you ready to go!
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