DotA IMBA Map - DotA IMBA 1.0 AI EN Download By Mimya

DotA IMBA v1.0 AI EN Map is one more addition in the huge database of DotA based fun-mode maps. The term imba is derived from "Imbalance" word which is often used as online gaming slang. DotA IMBA is certainly an imbalance map, It has IMBA-fied abilities of every hero in DotA.

Features of DotA IMBA :-
  1. Imba Hero Spells/Abilities
  2. More powerful items.
  3. Obtain a free random item (from Ancient of Wonders shop)
  4. Achievement Points
  5. Improved visual effects for spells, items and auras.
  6. Computer controlled players (AI)
  7. Ported to latest version of DotA.
  8. New Heroes including Ice Phoenix
  9. Unlimited Levels mode (-ul command must be entered at start, 255 max level)
  10. Powerful Team buffs with attributes bonuses (must be selected from the Fountain by team captain).
  11. Special Events (extra magical damage buffs, healing buffs etc.)
Pandaren Brewmaster Primal SplitOmniknight PurificationShadowfiend Requiem of SoulsPugna Nether Blast 
DotA IMBA AI Map Download:
by Mimya - Last updated 16th September, 2013
You can play it offline against computer (AI bots) and have fun, This map has some extra items too for more fun which is pretty amusing. DotA IMBA was originally created by Chinese map developer(s) Mimya, 

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