DotA 2 Diretide Event Start Today

Game Mode

There are 3 stages to Diretide, each lasting 10 minutes.

Candy Chaos

  • Compete against the enemy team in collecting the most candy.
  • Collect candy from Roshlings and deposit it in your candy bucket.
  • Go on a raid and steal the enemy's candy from their bucket.
  • After 20 minutes (after the 2nd stage), the team with the most candy wins!

 The Trickster Awakens

  • All this ruckus has awoken Roshan from his slumber.
  • He will target a random hero, alternating between teams, and bully them for candy.
  • Keeping a piece of candy in your inventory is recommended as failure to feed Roshan will result in death.

Sugar Rush

  • After 20 minutes Roshan will be stuffed and you will be left candyless.
  • You must team up with the enemy and go after Roshan to reclaim your candy.
  • Defeating Roshan will reward you with items and delicious candy.
  • The fastest Roshan slayers will be immortalized in the Diretide Hall of Fame!

Greevil Egg

Main article: Greevil Egg
During the Diretide event, all players will receive a Greevil Egg after successfully defeating Roshan in Diretide. Once received, the Egg may be imbued with one of several Essences.
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