DotA 6.79d Bug - Find Some Bugs in DotA 6.79d (Free Gold and Tango Charges)

The first bug is major gold exploit which will give you infinite gold while playing Arc Warden while the other one gets you unlimited supply of healing (Tango).
These bugs can be easily performed in a live game and require no assistance from your teammates.


You can get infinite gold without doing anything but first you need to have the following:

    Zet, Arc Warden with Tempest Double (Level 6 - ultimate spell)
    Complete Linken Sphere


    Pick Zet, Arc Warden and put Linken Sphere in his inventory.
    Make sure you at least have Level 1 Tempest Double skill.
    Use Tempest Double and wait 3-4 seconds (not more or less)
    Now immediately select the clone created by Tempest Double and use/cast Linken Sphere buff on your original hero.
    Wait 20 seconds and let the clone disappear, you will see another Linken Sphere dropped on the ground.
    You can repeat same steps and sell those extra Linken Sphere(s) to get your free gold.

Note:  Linken Sphere item can now be cast on allied units in the newer maps. Also, proper timing is important to perform this exploit, if you fail you can try again.

Unlimited Tango Charges

It's a very simple bug which will give you infinite tango charges.

    Buy a courier and a set of Tango (4 charges)
    Use 3 charges of Tango and put the last one back in the courier
    Change courier type by selecting courier and pressing 'G'
    Tango charges will be refilled. Repeat the steps if necessary

IceFrog may release DotA 6.79e in near future to fix these bugs.
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