The Bat! Professional Edition 6.2.2 Final


The Bat! - A recognized system for processing electronic messages, which perfectly combines all the qualities necessary for the experienced user. The intuitive interface allows users to The Bat! to start work immediately after installation. Effective mechanism for filtering and sorting helps handle huge streams of incoming mail, not addressed by other programs. System administrators will appreciate the ability to install in batch mode, which allows you to personally supervise the installation process The Bat!. All these features, along with a fully customizable automatic processing tools, relieve users from the routine of work.

Additional Information:

Key features:

Security of Personal Information

Virus Protection


Automatic processing of messages


Quick Templates

Mailing Lists

A unique feature of parking


Updating and installing

Effective encryption

Synchronization of mail

Compatible with Microsoft Exchange

National coding



Interface in 12 languages

Image viewer module

Request Form
Rich possibilities of import:
Google Contacts

Microsoft Outlook Express v4.xx

Microsoft Outlook Express v5.0

Microsoft Outlook Express v6.0

Netscape Communicator v4.xx

Netscape Mail v2.xx/3.xx

Eudora Lite / Pro

Pegasus Mail v2.xx or 3.xx

Import address books from files:

Business Card VCard

Comma-separated text

Tab-separated text


Address book The Bat!

Eudora address book

Template file Pegasus
The Bat! Professional has:
Executable module

Dictionaries for spell checker

Multilingual interface

Possibility for hardware authentication with mail servers

Encryption is

Biometric Authentication


Differences from the original version:
1. Does not require registration (patch + key).
2. Deletes all files not related to Russian or English interface (thebat.lng also includes
only Russian and English languages).
3. Russian-language information ..
4. "Quiet" (default) or standard (optional) installation.
5. Disable checking installation of previous build.
6. From the Start menu - just a shortcut to run the program.
7. The ability to import settings from settings.reg (if it is next to the installer).

Installation options:
1. Keyless - Automatic installation of the program, or by pressing Shift + Ok in the initial dialogue
standard setting.
2. Start with a key-y (or file _silent.cmd) - Automatic installation programs
3. Start with a key-ai (or file _standart.cmd) - Standard installation program
4. Start with a key-aiU (or file _uninstall.cmd) - automatic removal program

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The Bat! Professional Edition 6.2.2 Final
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