How to Make Mohaa Medal of Honor Allied Asult (MOHAA) server

   If u want to make your own MOHAA Server .
   There are Following Steps to do For Making Mohaa  Server .

1.First of all u have to go at your dsl router enter your router address on web browser For example

2. Now enter User name and Password or your router
(Default user-name and password is "admin")
3.Now go in advance option see this image below

4.Then go to Nat option for making virtual mohaa server

5.Here add a virtual server 
(i) Seclect option coustom server name it Mohaa
(ii)External Port Start and External Port End enter value 12203 
(iii)Internal Port Start and Internal port End enter value 12203
(iv)External and internal ports values must be same.
(v) In Protocol Select option TCP/UDP
(vi)Now last step of mohaa virtual server is ip 
(vii)For PTCL users the ip is (other should check what is ip of there loacal area connection)

Warning : The ip of local area connection and virtual server must be same if not server don't work.

(viii)Now click on save/apply button 
6.close the router and make shortcut of you mohaaserver.exe at desktop.
7.Go to the shortcut properties and paste this line in the find target blank   +set dedicated 1 +set ui_console 1 +set g_gametype1 +set sv_maxclients 12 +exec server.cfg
8.Now last step is to copy server.cfg file into main folder.
9.You can download server.cfg file from Here.

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