Official DotA 6.83c Download - Dota 6.83c Map Download (Released)

Official DotA 6.83c Download - Dota 6.83c Map Download (Released). Finally! After several months, IceFrog released another update for the DotA 1, the DotA 6.83c. This map goes straight from the DotA 6.81d into DotA 6.83c. Between them actually there are some patches which is released to the DotA 2, that's why this map contains a lot of changes from both DotA 6.82 and also DotA 6.83. The most notable one is the addition of the Bounty rune and the new Roshan's location. Can't wait to try it?

 DotA 6.83c Changelogs
- Added all the changes between DotA 6.81d and DotA 6.83c

Dota 6.83c Download Link 
Dota 6.83c Download - Open Drive
 Dota 6.83c Download - GetDota

Thank you IceFrog for all your hard work! Enjoy the brand new DotA 6.83c map guys!

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