Dota 2 Pudge Wars | Pudge Wars Coming Soon

Pudge Wars is a 5v5 team game.
Each player controls a Pudge with only one spell to use: Meat Hook.
The teams faces off on a square map divided by an uncrossable river.
The first team to get 50 kills wins the game.

Play Pudge Wars - Coming Soon


  • Updated icons for Grappling Hook, Naix's Jaw, Tiny's Arm, and Lycan's Paws.

    • Grappling Hook
    • Naix's Jaw
    • Tiny's Arm
    • Lycan's Paws
  • Updated vision for the teams on the map. Now you will only see your side of the map, as long as there is nothing giving you vision of the enemy side. Click on a picture to get a large version.
    • Starting vision:
    • Vision allied player on the enemie side:

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