The DotA 6.81 Patch Updates


As predicted, Valve announced the DotA 6.81 Patch just two weeks before The International 4 qualifiers. The patch contains some improvement in the GUI, like announcing items cooldown when you alt+click them and also tell your friend to gather if the item is Mekans. Really useful when you’re in the heat of battle and doesn’t have time to write it

Two new treasure box also announced (Treasure of Sinister Arcanery and Treasure of the Cosmic Abyss) . And the great things is how Valve dedicated them self to fix lots of bugs in this patch (more than 50 items). And surely, the main course of this patch is the Dota 6.81 gameplay updates. Heroes and items got their balances. Hopefully, this will make the International 4 more exciting due to unusual hero picks.
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