Dota 6.81 AI Map Unofficialy & DotA 6.81b AI Map Unofficialy

Dota 6.81 AI Map Unofficialy & DotA 6.81b AI Map Unofficialy. DotA 6.81, DotA 6.81b , DotA 6.81c  until DotA 6.81d already released and people are starting to search for the latest AI map. And this post will give you the latest updates about DotA 6.81 AI download link and updates so you can have the map immediately. Stay tune & More Updates

Update 1:
While the official DotA 6.81 AI map not yet available, we managed to get the unofficial version of the map. This map tooltip is still in Chinese and has some bugs. But you can still use it for training and playing with AI. Check it out!

DotA 6.81b AI Unofficialy Download:- (Chinese)
DotA 6.81b AI Unofficial via OpenDrive

DotA 6.81 AI Unofficialy Download:- (Chinese)
DotA 6.81 AI Unofficial via OpenDrive

Those maps are the unofficial version, if you want the official map,
Check out the DotA 6.78c AI Map.

Update 2:
James Druid is kind enough to translate the unofficial Chinese AI map. Finally!

DotA 6.81b AI Unofficial Download:- (English, translated by James Druid)
DotA 6.81b AI Unofficial via OpenDrive


DotA 6.81
DotA 6.81b  

DotA 6.81c 
DotA 6.81d
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