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he alpha release of the Workshop Tools required to create Custom Games is now publicly available for users. This means that modders and map makers can start creating custom content for Dota 2 and upload it to the Steam Workshop which you get to try out if you want.

This guide will take you through the process of detailing out how the system works and the steps you need to follow to get started with PLAYING custom games. So let's get started.


* Do note that this guide will NOT tell you how to make custom games but instead just play.
* Additionally, do note that the Workshop tools are currently an Alpha release and the custom games are user created. So the quality assurance is not guaranteed. You will need to be the judge of that.
* This guide has been written keeping the Alpha release of the Dota Workshop Tools in mind. This process is bound to change over time. The guide will be updated accordingly. Last Updated: August 10, 2014.

Step 1: Installing Dota 2 Workshop Tools

In order to run Custom Games, you need to have the Dota 2 Workshop Tools installed. To install these tools, follow the steps given below.

1. Go to your Steam Settings panel from the top bar and click on the 'Account' tab. On this tab, you will need to opt in to the 'Steam Beta Update participation'.

Once you've opted-in, your client will exit, download an update and reboot in to the beta client of Steam.

2. Once you are on the Steam Beta client, go to Library and right click on Dota 2 and go to the Properties tab.

Once you are in the Properties tab, go to the last tab called 'DLC' and TICK the 'Dota 2 Workshop Tools DLC'

Click Close and the Workshop tools content will start downloading for you. The size of this download shoulbe approximately around 6 GB. So do not panic.

3. As that downloads, go to the Tools tab from your Library menu.

 Once there, scroll down and find the 'Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha' and Install it.

4. Now wait for both the Tools and DLC from the above steps to finish downloading.

5. Done? Nice. You've now setup what you need to play Custom Games currently.

Fun Fact: If you want to check out the Workshop Tools yourself, just double click the 'Dota Workshop Tools Alpha' you downloaded from the tools tab and they will load up for you. Some documentation to help with the tools can be found here on the Developer Wiki.

Step 2: Subscribing to Custom Games

You can find all the list of uploaded Custom Games on the Steam Workshop at given point of time. Just visit the Workshop and click on the first category tab that reads 'Custom Games'.

Click and open the Workshop pages of any of the mods you like and you can learn all about them there like with other Workshop items.

For eg: here is a look at the submission page for the much-popular Pudge Wars mod that is currently on the Workshop.

 All these Custom Games use the Subcriber System of the Workshop. So once you are done reading about the mod, all you need to do is press the Subscribe button.

 Once you press the 'Subscribe' button, the mod will start downloading for you. Let it finish

 Once the download is complete, you have everything you need to start playing.

Note: Any time the mod is updated by the creator, you will be notified to update your version to the latest. Doing so is just as simple as installing it. This way, you will be able to automatically manage all your custom games easily.

Step 3: Hosting or Joining a Custom Game

Now that you have all the files and everything else setup it is time to jump in to the game. But before we do that, a couple of things to keep things smooth.

The Workshop tools and the custom game are currently in an Alpha release state and there are some technical issues as one would expect. They will be refined with the future updates but until then to ensure smoother play, here are a couple of things you are suggested to do when trying to play.

* Disable '-override_vpk' if you are using for other cosmetic mods for the time being.
* Do not keep the Workshop Tools or any other unneeded programs running when playing.

Done? Now let's jump in to the game.

1. Launch your Dota 2 client.

Before we get started, another couple of things.

* Custom Games are hosted locally and hence the player that wants to host one needs to have a comparatively strong system to support the game and other players.
* You can currently only join Friend Lobbies for custom games. So the players trying to join a custom game need to be the friend of the hosting player.

2. Once you are in the game and go to the Play Tab. If you did everything mentioned in the above steps, then you should have a new tab here that says 'Custom Games'.

3. In order to Host A Game, go to the 'Subscribed Game Modes' tab from the drop down to see a list of all your subscribed mods. Click on the one you want to play and press "Create Lobby".

You are then presented with the warning I mentioned above that hosting requires higher system requirements. Press Create.

Once you do that, you will get the familiar local lobby settings panel where you adjust your lobby settings. All you need to make sure here is to ensure that the Custom Map is set to 'pudgewars' (in this case) and the rest of the settings as per your wish.

After you press 'Create Lobby' you should now have the lobby where your friends can join in for a game just like other regular lobbies.
Once all your friend are in, press - Start Game and you're good to go. You will load in first while the rest of the players wait. Once you are loaded in as the host, the rest of the players will connect through.

When you press 'Start Game' and the game begins to load, the Dota 2 client that you are on will close down. So it might seem like it CRASHED but do not worry. It did not crash but instead is just booting up the 64-bit Dota 2 Client that is packed with the Workshop tools on which the Custom Games are played currently.

Give it sometime and the other client will load up in to your Custom Game.

4. In order to Join A Game, once your friends has hosted the lobby, you just go to the Friend's Lobbies tab in Custom Games and see all available lobbies in your region.

 Once you join the lobby, wait for the rest of the players to join in and the host to start the game. Also do note that the lobbies do not provide full support for broadcasters and spectators currently.

When the lobby host starts the game, as a regular player, you will need to wait for the host to load up first. After which you will be booted in to the game.

When the game stats to load, the Dota 2 client that you are on will close down. So it might seem like it CRASHED but do not worry. It did not crash but instead is just booting up the 64-bit Dota 2 Client that is packed with the Workshop tools on which the Custom Games are played currently.

Give it sometime and the other client will load up in to your Custom Game.


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