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During the release of  Dota 2 workshop Tool at the beginning of this August, Dota 2 Team had announced plans to release a major update by the end it. Since, its the last week of August, we are expected to see the announcement of this update in couple of days.
Today, United Kingdom Matthew ‘Cyborgmatt’ Bailey left a little message regarding about the future Dota 2 update in his twitter account.

What do we expect to see in this week’s Dota 2 Update?

  • New Hero Goblin Techies
  • Dota 2 Patch version 6.82
  • New game mode All Random Deathmatch
  • Base Customization: Thing that changes the visual appearance of the base and the buildings on it
  • Victory Prediction Taunt: Object allows you to change the visual component reports a series of murders
  • New set of smileys from the Community
  • New models for Mega Creeps
  • “A to Z” Challenge Support , the system will measure the progress of the game for each of the characters and is awarded for a victory.
  • Arcana item for Phantom Assassin
  • New models for Faceless Void and Shadow Fiend
  • Alternative voice for Spectre
Nevertheless, those are just possible list of changes we might see. Who knows what Dota 2 Team has stored for upcoming patch.
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