Russia’s Alrosa recovers huge pink diamond - dota-throne News

A unique pink diamond weighing 27.85 carats has been mined by Russian diamond producer Alrosa. The company's previous largest pink diamond had a weight of just four carats.

According to the company, the rough diamond has about the size of a large almond. The pink stone is of gem-quality and almost free of inclusions.
Colored diamonds weighing over ten carats are very rare and are recovered about once a year. As for the pink shades, by far the largest 3.86-carat pink diamond was found by Alrosa in 2012. Apart from this stone, in the last eight years, it has only recovered three pink diamonds weighing over two carats.
Alrosa is planning to sell a unique collection of five diamonds at an online auction in November. It includes a 51.38-carat gem which is “the purest of all large diamonds manufactured throughout the Russian jewelry history.”
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